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Product Description

The MTC Cycling Station proves invaluable for evaluation, qualification, FDR, maintenance, and longevity of sockets and contact sets.  The Modus GUI and Controller integrates force, displacement, safety, and repeatability into a single software solution.

The MTC Cycling Station integrates easily with a variety of Test and Measurement equipment including the Sensata Qinex™ CR-2601.  For a complete CRES solution, Modus Test offers the full suite of complimenting accessories; Adapter cards, Device Simulators, Package substrates, Stabilizing kits, and Hardware interfaces.

View the MPT-LR System R3 Product Video


  • Application Specific GUI
  • Real-time Force/Displacement Monitoring
  • Integrated Load Cell
  • Enclosure with Safety Interlocks
  • Condensed Footprint Allows for Tabletop Setup
  • Deflection/Force Graphing
  • Indexing Speed Control
  • Cycle Count with Dwell Time Settings
  • Profile Save/Recall, and Logging
  • Z-to-Displacement and Z-to-Force
  • 1µm Displacement Steps
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