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Product Description

Modus Test continually develops and manufactures industry-leading test cell solutions.  New to the portfolio of products; the MTC™ Cycling Station proves
invaluable for evaluation, qualification, maintenance, FDR, and longevity of sockets and contact sets.  The Modus GUI and Controller integrates force, displacement,
safety, and repeatability into a single software solution.

The MTC™ integrates easily with a variety of Test and Measurement equipment including the Sensata Qinex™ CR-2601.  For a complete CRES solution, Modus Test
offers the full suite of complimenting accessories; Adapter cards, Device Simulators, Package substrates, Stabilizing kits, and Hardware interfaces.

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  • Application Specific GUI
  • Real-time Force/Displacement Monitoring 
  • Integrated Load Cell
  • Airless Operation
  • Enclosure with Safety Interlocks
  • Force 227 Kg/178mm Stroke
  • 1μm Displacement Steps
RealTime Force / Z Readout
FZ-Scope chart provides real-time charting of force and displacement in lbs/mils and kg/microns
MPT™/MTC™ Integration
Cycler controls are integrated within the MPT™ GUI for seamless operation and testing
Continuous Data Logging
Pause and continue or recover from power outage during extended operation


  • Cycle Count
  • Data Logging 
  • Profile Save/Recall
  • Lot Control Values
  • Deflection/Force Graphing


  • Z to Displacement
  • Z to Force
  • Z to Either
  • Indexing Speed
  • Dwell Times Up/Down

Modus Test Accessories and Stability Kit
Designed specifically for the CR260x series of CRES Testers, the Modus Stability Kit isolates the tester from its rubber feet to
provide a solid platform reducing vibration and adding structural integrity when the tester is used with a Cycler like the MTC™.


+/- 1 μm relative Z-axis displacement resolution
3.2”, 5.2”, 7.2” stroke lengths available
Accuracy +/-0.5% of load cell range
Standard ranges of 50, 100, 250 & 500lbs
Continuous cycling operations
User profiles allow for quick and repeatable operator setups
Manual X/Y positioning for full access to MPT™ aperture
110VAC / 220VAC
PC ( i5/12GB) Win 7 or higher
USB2.0 or higher, 2 ports for MPT™ full chassis, 1 port for MTC™



  • Tester Isolation from Cycling Stress
  • Consistent Test Height
  • Accurate Deflection
  • Integrated Load Cell
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