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Product Description

The Modus Parametric Tester for Leakage & Resistance (MPT™-LR) provides leakage and resistance measurements up to 5,320 contact points. Complement the MPT™ platform with the MTC™ Cycling Station for precision FDR characterization of Test Sockets and Probe Cards. Dock the MPT™ to a package handler or wafer prober for production environment emulation.

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Desktop Footprint
17" x 12" Half Chassis
17" x 20" Full Chassis

Modus QuickDock™
Tool-less PCB swaps in seconds

Native Multi-Site & Multi-Package Capable
Up to 7.24" x 15.72" Available Test Aperture Space

Efficient Site Integration
USB to MPT™ Communication
Integrated Cycler Controls
LAN/Wireless Connectivity
Handler Communications

Built on Database Architecture
XML Opens Standards

Data Collection
Trending by Product & Pin
Standard Deviation
Heat Mapping
FDR Graphing with MTC™

*Patents Pending


4-Wire Kelvin Measurement Circuit
+/-1.5 mΩ Accuracy in normal operation mode
+/-200 uΩ Accuracy in high precision mode
Leakage Measurement
+/-10 nA Accuracy in normal operation mode
+/-250 pA Accuracy in high precision mode

MPT™-LR Half Chassis
Available in 1330 pin, 2660 pin, and 2660 cable up configurations
Load Board Aperture 7.24” x 7.60”

MPT™-LR Full Chassis
Available in 2660, 3990, and 5320 pin configurations
Load Board Aperture 7.24" x 15.72"

System Requirements
110VAC / 220VAC
PC ( i5/12GB) Windows 7 or higher
USB2.0 or higher, 2 ports for MPT™ full chassis, 1 port for MTC™


  • Package Mapping
  • MTC Controls
  • Trend Plotting
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